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Special Scubapro Sport 5mm Steamer Medium

Retail: R3 995




Here's the ideal choice for first-time suit buyers looking for a comfortable wetsuit that fits like a second skin. Now available in new colors in a choice of three neoprene thicknesses.

For some new divers, struggling into an unfamiliar neoprene suit for the first time and experiencing those initial feelings of restriction can cause some trepidation.  You won't have to worry about that when you're wearing SCUBAPRO's SPORT suit. Offered in three thicknesses, the SPORT is made from a special super-soft neoprene covered with high-stretch nylon. SPORT suit neoprene is a variation of X-Foam, a neoprene formula that not only keeps divers warm, but also complies with the very strict P.A.H. (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) test requirements that help protect both divers and the ocean.

SPORT suit neoprene is softer and more flexible than standard neoprene (albeit less resistant to water compression), and it has a wider-weave nylon on the outside. This combines to deliver more softness and flexibility than any other SCUBAPRO suit, making the SPORT extremely easy to climb in and out of, plus it maximizes range of motion, radically improving comfort while reducing those feelings of restriction. Even better, the suit's interior is lined with two plush materials that feel so good against the skin you won't ever want to take this suit off.  The external colored panels on the wrists and ankles are styled to appeal to fashion conscious divers, but they are more than purely design touches. The undersides of these panels seal against the skin to prevent water entry, and they are backed by zippered wrist and ankle closures that help keep water out and make donning and doffing that much easier.

The SPORT is designed with fewer technical details than the Everflex, allowing it to be an economical choice as well as a comfortable suit to wear. This makes it particularly well-suited for new divers, as well as for casual divers who look for lots of stretch for easy donning and doffing and maximum freedom of movement as their main criteria when selecting a wetsuit.

The SPORT 5MM offers all of the features, functions and supreme comfort of the 7mm in a thinner neoprene that's perfect for divers who enjoy warmer water diving. The freedom of movement this suit affords needs to be experienced to be believed.  Read more . . . .


SPECIAL Scubapro Everflex 5mm Wetsuit 2016 Medium

Retail: R4 995 (5/4 mm)
Retail: R6 495 (7/5 mm)




SCUBAPRO's EVERFLEX line of wetsuits has long stood at the forefront of quality dive thermal protection. Yet every year SCUBAPRO designers work tirelessly to improve and restyle these steamers to increase comfort, expand convenience features and provide even better fit and freedom. This year is no exception.

EVERFLEX steamers for 2017 are more comfortable, offer more stretch, include more features, come in more sizes, and are built to last even longer.

Ultra warm and comfortable, the EVERFLEX 7/5MM is built with SCUBAPRO's exclusive Pure Design Concept, allowing pre-formed dimensional shapes to move more naturally with your body, delivering unparalleled comfort and flexibility. The Diamond Span thermal inner liner has a second lining that increases stretch by 20 percent. Durable and water-blocking blind-stitch construction, excellent Glideskin seals on ankles, wrists and neck and an easy-slide diagonal rear zipper combine to make the 7/5mm a warm, comfortable and user-friendly dive suit.

The EVERFLEX 5/4MM offers the same features and quality materials and construction as the 7/5mm, but with a thinner neoprene for increased stretch and freedom of movement when diving in more temperate or warmer water.

The EVERFLEX 3/2MM is something really special. Rarely, if ever, is a 3mm wetsuit capable of providing enough thermal protection to qualify as a Class C dive suit, but that's exactly what the EVERFLEX  3/2MM has done. Clearly, this is a testament to the superior materials, construction and design that make the EVERFLEX 3/2MM the wetsuit of choice among so many divers. Read more . . . .


Scubapro Oneflex 5mm 2017 Steamer Medium

Retail: R3 145


SCUBAPRO One FLEX Suit 5mm Steamer

The redesigned Oneflex 5mm offers superb thermal protection for cold to temperate water diving. A new 2-sided polyester lining offers increased durability, whilst the X-foam neoprene construction provides stretch and comfort. Featuring an easy-to-use diagonal rear YKK KA zipper design, this suit is ideal for repeated use at training centres and rental locations.


                Scubapro Rebel Kids 2.5mm Steamer Mediuml

Retail: R2 995



This well-cut steamer is offered in a 2.5mm thickness for maximum comfort and protection when diving in warm waters. The soft neoprene is made from X-Foam, a neoprene formulation that is non-toxic. It's the only neoprene formulation that complies with the very strict P.A.H. (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) test requirements.  Read more . . . .


def shorty m f

Retail: R1 995




A must-have mini-dive suit for tropical divers everywhere, the new DEFINITION SHORTY is built with 2.5mm neoprene lined with titanium plush.  Offering warmth, flexibility and comfort, you won't want to go in the water without it. It's a great choice for layering too.  Read more . . . .


evrflx undrsuit f m

Retail: R1 995




This comfortable new SKIN SUIT is ideal primary protection for divers and snorkelers enjoying tropical waters, or as a first layer to a thicker wetsuit.  Made of a high-tech fiber fabric, it offers 50+ Australian standard (UPF = Ultraviolet Protection Factor) sun protection. The suit also comes with foot stirrups and thumb loops for easy donning and to prevent ride-up when wearing under a wetsuit.  Read more . . . .


hybrid shorty lady

Retail: R2 245




The HYBRID SHORTY for women divers offers the same style, design and construction features as the Hybrid Farmer Jane, only in a 2mm shorty version.  This is a great thermal garment for female divers who prefer to wear a bit less neoprene on their tropical dive adventures.  Read more . . . .

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