Sharkbanz - Shark Deterrent Band

The world's first active shark deterrent band

R999 per unit



Sharkbanz’s patented magnetic technology is the result of long term, ongoing scientific studies and testing. Sharkbanz utilize powerful permanent magnets to create an effective shark deterrent that’s always on and requires no batteries or charging. When sharks approach Sharkbanz, they detect the device’s strong electromagnetic field, which provides a sudden sensation that is thousands of times stronger than the signal produced by anything in a shark’s normal food chain. Consequently, sharks are deterred away from Sharkbanz. This cause and effect is analogous to having a bright light suddenly shined in your eyes in a dark room. You would not be hurt, but you would want to turn away.  Read more . . . . .

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Designed for beachgoers, swimmers and surfers, Sharkbanz use patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists to deter predatory shark species.

- Technology based on proven science, published research and testing

- No batteries, no charging; always on  

AFFORDABLE - Safety for everyone

STYLISH - Ergonomic design and premium materials for enhanced comfort

Worn on Ankle or Wrist

Universal Fit - Ages 5+

Dive, Swim, Surf - 100m/330ft

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Active Shark Deterrent
Our shark deterrent technology is
the result of over 10 years of
research and testing by scientists
and marine biologists.


No Battery | No Charging
The patented magnetic technology
inside Sharkbanz is always on and
ready to go. Simple and easy to

Universal Fit
One size fits all for children ages
5+ to adults. Sizing instructions
are included.


Wrist or Ankle
Designed to be worn on the wrist
or ankle, lightweight, comfortable,
and do not affect ocean sport
performance.Wear one or a few.

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