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Indonesia, Bali


Dates & Price: Available upon request
Includes:  7 nights, 2 destinations, all meals, return international flights via Hong Kong, road & boat transfers, 10 dives with a
                     combination of boat and shore entry dives
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Bali Indonesia

Bali is yet another destination that every keen travelling diver needs to experience. 


Example of flights via Hong Kong or Singapore but please note that Singapore Airlines currently yields an additional charge of approximately R4 000 per person

JNB HKG 1230 / 0715
HKG DPS 1015 / 0755
DPS HKG 1610 / 2055
HKG JNB 2345 / 0625


JNB SNG 1345 / 0610
SNG DPS 0700 / 0935
DPS SNG 2145 / 0015
SNG JNB 0210 / 0655


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Package Includes:

* 4 Nights accommodation Tumbalen Mimpi Resort in a Patio room, sharing and including breakfast & dinner
* 4 Dive package in Tumbalen, 2 days / 4 dives, combination of boat and shore entry dives
* Cylinder, weight, porter and guide, boat and / or car transfers
* 3 Nights accommodation, Menjangan, Mimpi Resort in a Patio Room and including breakfast & dinner
* 2 or 4 dive package in Menjangan, combination of boat and shore entry dives
* Includes cylinder, weights, porter and guide
* All scheduled transfers
* Return international fligts - Johannesburg / Bali / Johannesburg via Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific and airport taxes

Package Excludes:

* Beverages
* Gratuities and service fees
* Visas and visa administration fees
* Dive & Travel Insurance
* Park and local fees

Tulamben Mimpi Resort & Spa (northeastern coast of Bali)

Tulamben is set along a pebble beach and overshadowed by sacred Mount Agung right in front of the world’s most accessible dive  sites.  The resort uniquely simulates a traditional fishing compound. and includes high-ceiling marble rooms, thatched-roof cottages, sea-front restaurant, pool, spa and dive center.  All of these are linked through limestone pathways sheltered by coconuts and tropical trees.  It is a blended gift of nature to explore Tulamben's famous underwater realm. and it is one of the best diving sites in the area.  Once you have done a guided dive, you can quite easily complete the rest of the dives as shore entries if you prefer!  Reefs such as the Liberty Wreck and Tulamben walls are right off the beach. 

PATIO ROOMS - Sheltered under big trees, 12 Patio Rooms are set to landscape with lush tropical garden. A verandah is ideally set with cuisine in front of each room to provide gathering space whilst enjoying hours of chatting. The bedroom is spacious with simple natural details, cool marble floor and high wooden ceiling. The bathroom has an open-air shower with a small garden inside.  Read more. . . . . . .


Diving in Tulamben

The Mimpi Dive operation is site-based with necessary expertise to cover all the sites in the Tulamben area and other nearby Bali northeast sites.  Diving arrangements are easy as some of the best sites are located just a shore-walk away from the resort's beach. The Liberty Wreck lies just 50 meters away and the resort's front shore houses some of the best reefs and coral walls.  Staying at the resort gives an advantage of enabling divers to make early morning dives before all other day-trip divers from the south arrive.

Liberty Ship wreck
, Ship wreck East, Taisapi point East, Taisapi point West, Cactus East, Cactus West, Cacutas Magic point, Cactus Pesucian point, Batu kelebit point, Alamanda point, Drop off point, Cleaning station, M Cleaning station, AABB point, Kubu point

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Menjangan Mimpi Resort & Spa (north coast of Bali)

Menjangan is set on the shore of a lagoon-like bay in the north-western coast of Bali neighboring the Bali Barat National Park .  The resort is built to simulate a Balinese village with 30 terraced patio rooms and 24 walled courtyard villas. All villas feature their own hot spring tub and six of them have private natural stone dip pool.  Its location preserves an ideal setting for diving, snorkeling, canoeing, sea-biking and an easy exploration to discover the flora and fauna of the Bali Barat National Park. 

PATIO ROOMS: 30 patio rooms are landscaped facing lush greenery of a tropical garden. Each room features a large verandah with comfortable cuisines for a convenient relaxing, chatting or gathering. Entrance to each room is sided by small pond. Bathroom is half-open with small garden allowing more contact with nature whilst showering. Room is cool with marble floor, high wooden ceiling and locally-made furniture. Adjoining rooms are made available for a family stay. A natural hot pool fed by the ancient Banyuwedang spring is available in front of its compound for communal bathing.  Read more. . . . . . .


Diving in Menjangan

The island is located within the confine of the Bali Barat National Park, a protected reserve area that encompasses 780 square kilometers. The name Menjangan means “deer”.  Because the island is in a protected position, currents and wind-generated waves are rarely a bother.  The water can easily be a clear 25 meters above and the rest of the time the visibility seldom drops to less than 15 meters.  The coral walls around Menjangan are vertical down to 30-60 meters, and then slope outward. The reef surface is particularly rugged: caves, grottos, crevasses and funnel-like splits which break up the coral wall, and the surface is extured with little nooks and crannies. Gorgonians of many kinds reach large sizes, and huge barrel sponges are abundant.  Soft corals blanket the colorful wall all the way down.

The 7 recommended dives sites to explore in Menjangan include:

1. Temple Point: a sandy site in the eastern tip of the island, a good point to see crocodile fish and nudibranchs.
2. POS II: a rich reef-wall site up to 50 meters deep with huge gorgonian fans, surgeonfish, jaclfish, batfish, angelfish,
    coral cod, nudibranchs, shrimps, trevally, lionfish, parrotfish, scorpionfish and shark.
3. Cave Point: several underwater caves with interesting rock structures to explore inside.
4. POS I: a sandy slope site from 2 down to 30 meters with lots of soft corals and gorgonians, lionfish, shrimp gobies, sea
    stars, mantis shrimp, small coral cod and royal dottybacks. Some divers have even witnessed whale shark here.
5. Garden Eel: a shallow sandy bottom area alive with garden eels which has terrific hard corals with large gorgonian fans,
    huge barrel sponges, coral cod, angelfish, lionfish, scorpionfish, basslets, anemone fish, cuttlefish, trumpet fish, frogfish,
    mandarin fish, napoleon fish and school of pelagics.
6. Anker Wreck: believed to have laid there for over century, it is 25 meters long and sits 45 meters deep. Flat rectangular
    sheets lay in what had been the hold which also contains an assortment of ceramic and glass bottles. The wreck is
    communalized by soft corals, a good site to see turtle and shark.
7. Coral Garden: a tees sloping wall leading from 8 down to 4o meters with lots of soft corals, gorgonias and sponges,
    some large snappers, a few blue-spotted trevally, schools of fusiliers and a black-tip reef shark.

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OPTION # 2 - WAKATOBI DIVE RESORT (south east Sulawesi, Indonesia)

Wakatobi is an island just off Bali reputed to have some of the best diving in the world!  It is a fantastic option especially for photography with amazing macro sealife and beautiful corals.  Wakatobi offers both phenomenal diving and lovely beaches. There is also a luxury liveaboard option instead of the resort stay.  Furthermore, not only does Wakatobi have the most pristine reefs on the planet - and perhaps the only reefs on earth which are actually thriving, getting healthier, richer and more diverse each year, but now you can discover something so different and magical that you will never see marine creatures the same way again. Taking you back to premier ocean discovery, they call it " FLUO-Diving".  Read more, , , , , , ,

Package Includes:

Wakatobi has set package dates according to their charter flight schedules.  Below is an example of a standard package:

* Return international flights (JNB / SIN / DPS / JNB)
* All road transfers and local flights Dispensar to Wakatobi
* 6 or 7 nights accommodation in Wakatobi's (accommodation type as specified)
* All meals, teas and coffees
* 5 or 6 dive days including cylinger, weights and guides
* Safety and medical evacuation insurance by SOS International
* Afternoon traditional village tour on last day
* Transfer to airport for Charter flight to WAKATOBI

Package Excludes:

* Beverages
* Gratuities and service fees
* Visas
* Dive & Travel Insurance
* Park and local fees
* 1 night Denpasar with breakfasts and transfers (depending on international / local flight schedules)

Diving at Wakatobi

Wakatobi is blessed with more than 43 mapped and named dive sites all within a short distance of the main resort.  The reefs around Wakatobi are actually continuous so to call a dive site a "site" is a little misleading. Dive sites are therefore identified at locations on the continuous reef where a dive is started. These starting points have been selected because of some unique underwater typography or marine life that is common to this spot. In some cases, however, they are selected and named just "because" just because!. Click on the dive site map below for dive sites descriptions. Below is a matrix of Wakatobi Dive Sites with information on dive site type (terrain), recommended diving skill level, rating for snorkeling, rating for technical diving and best range for viewing marine life.

If you would like to view all of the dive sites in a matrix/table format without the site descriptions, click here



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For centuries past, Bali has attracted the most talented artisans and craftsmen from across the archipelago. Seduced by generous offers of royal patronage, a tradition of the finest arts, is the legacy that lives on in Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa's Palace Club. On arrival guests are welcomed in the comfort of the Palace Lounge. A personal 24 hours butler will then explain the special services available before settling guests into their palace room.  Set on Bali's sun-splashed southern shores, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa is a 381-room and suite resort that invites you to immerse in the pageantry of one of the world's most vibrant cultures.  Nusa Dua offers beautiful white sand beaches and is in Kuta which is also close to some nightlife, restaurants, discotecques and the resort offers many exciting activities.  The diving however is not as good as that of Tulamben.  Read more. . . . . . .

Package Includes:

* Return flights from Johannesburg to Denpasar
* All transfers
* 7 nights accommodation in Nusa Dua Beach Resort Bali in a double deluxe room
* Breakfast

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Visit Nusa Penida especially to see the Mola Mola and Mantas

Package Includes:

* Return flights from Johannesburg to Denpasar
* All transfers
4 nights Mimpi Tulamben Resort in a patio room, including  breakfast
* 2 guided dives Liberty Shipwreck
* 2 guided dives Mimpi/Kubu drop off *
* 1 guided dive Amed by boat and road with packed lunch
* 3 nights accommodation at Watergarden Hotel in a deluxe bungalow
* Day 1: Transfer to Candidasa
* Day 2: Transfer to Padang Bai  - including 2 day dives at Nusa Penida to see the Mola Mola
* Day 3: Transfer to Padang Bai  - including 1 day dive at Gili Biaha and a 2nd day dive at Blue Lagoon or if you didn’t or did
   see the Mola Mola the day before you can do those  dive sites again if you wish
* Day 4: 12.00 latest check out time to transer to the airport


We recommend the Sandhi Phala Resort, a lovely resort where you can relax after the diving section of your holiday and enjoy the beach,  restaurants and nightlife available in the Kuta area.  Only breakfast is included as they don’t have a full board supplement (maybe not a bad thing as you can then enjoy eating out for lunch and dinner at the various pubs and restaurants.  Read more. . . . . . .

Package Includes:

* 2 nights Sandhi Phala Resort Junior suite
* 4 bottles of water and a complimentary mini bar replenished daily
* daily afternoon tea
* complimentary drop off service to Kuta or Tuban area, subject to availability



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