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Rio Carnival Dive Trip, 21 Feb - 2 March '17

 The most FABULOUS dive trip ever!

DATES: 22 February - 2nd March '17  
PRICE: Available upon request
INCLUDES: 7 Nights accommodation on Rio's Copacobano 3* hotel with breakfast, 3 x day dive trips with 6 dives,
                        2 nights grandstand carnival tickets for the main parade, return airport & carnival transfers

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Terms & Conditions apply

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* Info on Rio de Janeiro
* Info on Arraial do Cabo
* Info on Ilha Grande


* Return international flights (Johannesburg - Rio de Janeiro -  Johannesburg)
* 7 Nights in 3* hotel accommodation, Capacobano, for the duration of the Rio Carnival, including breakfast
* 2 Days carnival tickets, main parade, grandstand area with transfers
* All transfers (including a guide on some sections)
* 3 days diving , 2 dives per day (Arraial do Cabo and Ilha Grande), including cylinder and weights


* All visa requirements
* Gratuities and service tips
* Meals and beverages not specified
* Travel, Medical & Diver Insurance



* Day 1:        Depart Johannesurg to Rio de Janeiro
* Days 2 - 8: Accommodation at a 3* Hotel located in Copacabana including breakfast
* Days 3 - 5: Dive days to  Arraial do Cabo & Ilha Grand
* Days 6 - 7: 2 days tickets to the Rio Carnival, Main Parade, Grandstand
* Day 9:        Late departure Rio back to South Africa
* Day 10:      Arrive Johannesburg




Rio de Janeiro
Based on availability at the time that your booking takes place, our accommodation will be in the 3* such as the Windsor Martinique or similar



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Arraial do Cabo, located approximately 170 kms east of Rio, is said to be of the best diving in the area.  This little village has some of the clearest waters in Brazil, with a rare phenomena called "resurgence" which guarantees an ocean full of rich marine life, sea turtles, seahorses and dolphins.  Excellent diving almost always guaranteed due to the fact that the waters here are almost always crystal clear - there our first choice as a diving destination on this trip. 

Arraial do Cabo is situated in the Região dos Lagos, and is well known among Brazilian scuba divers and anybody who loves to be around the sea. White sand beaches and great visibility.  With 47 shipwrecks in the region to explore, there are plenty of options.  Wrecks nearest the shore are the Dona Paula (Naufragios do Brasil Dona Paula), Harlingen, Herald, Imbetiba, Teixeirinha, Thetis, Tunamar and Wizard.

It also offers good cave diving, one of which is available to advanced divers, several more if you are a certified cave diver.  Another interesting site is the the Blue Grotto and dives to depths of 25 meters through the remains of ship wrecks, canyons and tunnels.  Be prepared though, the waters are typically cold so a minimum of 5mm suits would be a good idea!

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Another good place for scuba diving in Rio is the paradise island Ilha Grande. It offers completetly different conditions. The location is West of Rio on something called the green coast. It rains quite a lot here, the jungle covering the hills is dense. The waters are warm with corals and tropical fish.  There are a few good dive spots with corals and fish, you also have a few wrecks of interest. One is a from a a helicopter and is located close to Angra dos Reis, another is the freight ship “Pinguino” located at Ilha Grande at a depth of 7 meters.

This island is definitely among the first choices of any scuba-diving keener in the whole world. Turquoise, crystal waters, corals and reefs, wrecks of interest (Pinguino shipwreck or the helicopter wreck), as well as abundant tropical marine life make it a tempting destination for any kind of diver.

The water temperature ranges from 20 to 25°C (68-77°F) and the visibility varies from 6 to 20 m (20 to 66 ft). You have the chance to explore and enjoy Ilha Grande’s warm and fascinating waters covering all your expectations.



As it is known, the Carnival is a period of 4 days inside of the ecclesiastical calendar, that goes back to the Greek glorious time, and thrills several cities of the world and of Brazil, of which  Rio de Janeiro is one. The Carnival originated in Europe, but it was in Brazil, specifically in Rio de Janeiro, that it was adapted and expanded in a way that has never been before in area of origin.  The large miscegenation of the Brazilian people solidified a peculiar culture, mixing rhythms of the African continent with the music of European traditions and the indigenous sonority. The urban citizen from Rio de Janeiro of the century XIX had contact with all these cultures, mainly with the black one, which, due to its great influence, founded that contagious rhythm with its drums, dances and songs that today is known as samba.

The first carnival march was "Ó Abre-Alas" 1889 composed by the female conductor Chiquinha Gonzaga. It has crossed the century and it makes people sign up even in our modern times. Chiquinha Gonzaga was responsible for approaching erudite and popular music.  Since then, the popular music conquered more and more space, always being enriched with instruments and rhythms brought by black culture. This music, combined with the costumes and masks people wore, produced the necessary ecstasy to this regulator cathartic effect of social balance which exists since the origin of carnival.  ll these qualities did what Rio Carnival is, nowadays, the greatest carnival of the world and it is an example and inspiration for other several carnivals. Its magnificence appears mainly in the parades of the Schools of Samba of the Special Group in Sambadrome, that is considered the biggest audio-visual show of the world. Its "stadium", a avenue sided by blocks of thousand of seats, icon of the Contemporary Rio Carnival -has become internationally known as Sambadrome. Its artistic splendor and the strong elements of popular culture brought to Sambadrome or to the street bands, features the influence of a miscegenation composed for almost all of the ethnic groups of the world.

The influences of these manifestations and the festivities are so great that there is rarely somebody who hasn't ever heard something about Rio Carnival, especially cause this city takes in, on its annual commemorations, about 500.000 tourists from the most varied countries.

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