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               ** return international flights and airport taxes, 10 nights deluxe accommodation, all meals, transfers, 8 dives and
                    return airport transfers
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Phillipines Malapascuca beach sea shore


Dive the Philippines by luxury liveaboard and experience a wider variety of dive sites and destinations. The S/Y Philippine Siren has been built by divers for divers and every thought has gone into making her a yacht aboard which divers will be comfortable. Relax in the convenience of a highly experienced crew who work tirelessly to nsure your diving vacation is second to none.

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Diving in the Philippines by luxury liveaboard you will have the opportunity to explore many islands and fantastic coral reefs. The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands, surrounded by deep blue seas that contain some of the richest marine life on Earth. Thought by many to be the apex of the coral triangle,diving in the Philippines offers you a wide variety of marine environments to choose from. Dives on steep walls and offshore pinnacles, critter hunting in coastal reefs, and the opportunity to get up close to the World's largest fish - the whale shark. We offer 4 distinct trips to the islands and dive sites of the Philippines that will whet the appetite of even the most seasoned diver. Join us in Tubbataha, Visayas - Cebu, Bohol, Apo, Negros & Malapascua, Donsol and Leyte.


** Essential dive equipment of Aqua Lung Wave BCD, Calypso regulator, 3mm shorty wetsuit, mask & fins.
** 12l aluminium tank & weights, SMB (safety sausage)
** Free Nitrox fills for all certified Nitrox divers!
** All meals, refreshments & snacks such as coffee, tea, herbal tea, fresh water, carbonated soft drinks, fruit juice, fresh fruit & cookies
** Free local brand beer
** Local transfers to/from the yacht to/from the local airport (excepting Malapascua and Donsol itineraries)


** International & domestic flights
** Marine Park, Port Fees & Taxes from 75 Euro/ person
** Torch and Dive computer rental 5 Euro/ day

Optional Extras which may be purchased whilst on board:-

** Wine, Cocktails & Spirits (25 Euro / 5 Euro / 4 Euro)
** Massages & Laundry (25 Euro/hr / 0.50 Euro/item)
** PADI Dive Courses ( from 150 Euro)

Optional extras, Marine Park, Port fees and taxes payable on board the S/Y Philippine Siren  and S/Y P. Siren are priced in Euros. We accept cash payment in Euro, US$, GBP, AAU$, NZ$ or Philippine Peso (PhP) as well as all major credit cards (excepting Amex). All credit card transactions will be billed in Philippine Peso dependent on the exchange rate at the time of your trip and an admin fee of 3% will be applied.


JOHANNESBURG TO HONG KONG departing 12:30pm and arriving 07:10am
HONG KONG TO PHILLIPINES departing 16:20pm and arriving 19:05pm
PHILLIPINES TO HONG KONG departing 12:25pm and arriving 15:10pm
HONG KONG TO JOHANNESBURG departing 23:45pm and arriving 06:25am

Visayas Liveaboard Diving Itinerary

Year round - 10 nights
The Visayas region is home to some of the best diving in the Philippines, with its nutrient rich water supporting a variety of eco-systems & a wide diversity of marine life. Sites range from steep coral covered walls to gentle sloping reefs and muck diving hotspots. During the tour we visit and dive the islands of Cebu, Cabilao, Panglao, Balicasag and Pescador. Along with Apo Island marine sanctuary and critter hot spot Dauin.

Departing from Cebu the S/Y Philippine Siren cruises southwards to the first stop at Cabilao Island, where steep reef walls are covered with sea fans, corals and sponges. Pygmy seahorses and frogfish are common sightings. Moving on to Balicasag we dive a variety of sites around the tiny island to see turtles and schools of jacks as well as barracuda and snapper. The dark sand slopes of Dauin are the place to find a myriad of tiny odd shaped bottom dwellers from robust ghost pipefish to pipehorses, waspfish and skeleton shrimps.

Apo Island is a testament to the success of the marine sanctuaries in the Philippines and the pristine corals abound with numerous fish species including redtooth trigger fish, pyramid butterfly fish and blue lined fusileers. Friendly turtles approach divers and at least 8 species of anemone fish can be found here. Moalboal and tiny Pescador Island are the next destination. Schools of sardines are known to pass through with the occasional hungry thresher shark in their wake. Whale sharks are  frequently seen in the channel. Smaller creatures including a wide range of nudibranchs, shrimps and crabs can be found on each reef during every dive. The calm seas and diversity of marine life make the Visayas an ideal diving destination for all experience levels.

New Philippines Dive Itinerary for 2015!!!  Dive Southern Visayas, departing Mactan or Malapascua

Combine all the favourites from the Southern Visayas itinerary with a 2 day extension in Malapascua Island for thresher sharks, wrecks and more! 10-night and 12-night trips start in Mactan and culminate in Malapascua or vice versa.

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LIGHTHOUSE - CALIBAO ISLAND: A sloping reef wall is adorned with huge elephant ear sponges, in which we find giant frogfish attempting to camouflage themselves. Green and hawksbill turtles are common visitors and it is often we can see schools of surgeon fish and big-mouth mackerel. Drift along the wall and as you ascend towards the shallows a sandy plateau dotted with gorgonian fans is the place the stop and look for pygmy seahorses. The dive ends at a stunning hard coral garden where pipefish, cowries, cuttlefish, commensal shrimps, nudibranchs, squat lobsters and orangutan crabs are amongst a few of the commonly seen critters. Occasionally some stronger currents can be experienced.

SOUTH POINT, CALIBAO ISLAND: offers you the opportunity to look for white tip reef sharks that hang out in the caverns within the steep coral wall. Huge tube sponges support giant frogfish, whilst leaf fish and many scorpion fish can be found resting in the crevices.

CAMBIQUIZ, CALIBAO ISLAND: This is where octopus, crocodile fish and many crustaceans can be seen. A superb spot day or night

DIVER'S HEAVEN, BALICASAG ISLAND: Typically with stronger currents than most dives during the trip, Diver's Heaven is a character site of Balicasag with a steep reef wall, many overhangs with soft corals, sponges & sea fans. Schools of jacks and chevron barracuda are frequently seen, along with pyramid butterfly fish and bannerfish. Warty frogfish,  leaf fish and porcelain crabs are just a few of the smaller creatures that can be found at this dive site.

BLACK FOREST, BALICASAG ISLAND: Once famed for its black coral is where we encounter schools of jacks, meanwhile leaf fish are often seen resting on the rough coral ledges. Turtles are a common sight in the shallow sea grass garden- a perfect place for your safety stop.

TONGO POINT, MOALBOAL: Offers of yellow tail barracuda, shrimp fish hovering in schools, and schools of big mouth mackerel make for an interesting dive. Add crocodile fish, scorpion fish, sea snakes & turtles for an awesome dive site.

PESCADOR ISLAND, WESTERN CEBU: Dive here for the schools of sardines that occasionally bring with them hunting thresher sharks. The tiny off shore island is a haven for all manner of marine life. The walls, covered with sponges and soft corals hide frogfish, boxfish, batfish and many species of moral eel. Whale sharks have been known to put in an appearance in an attempt to steal the lime light!

THE CARS / DAUIN NORTH, DAUIN: The dark sand slope leads down to two sunken volkswagens- covered with corals and sponges and home to schooling lionfish. The cars are just one feature of the site however, as over the slope we also find microscopic frogfish, skeleton shrimps, cockatoo waspfish, pipe horses, seahorses and mimic and blue-ring octopus, flying gurnards, spiny devilfish, robust and ornate ghost pipefish gathered together in groups (sometimes 5-7 at a one time!) and flambouyant cuttlefish. A true macro critter playground.

SAN MIQUEL, DAUIN: Another critter wonderland! Painted frogfish, varieties of ghost pipefish, cockatoo waspfish are just a few of the most commonly seen species and on occasion we see up to 4 flambouyant cuttlefish in one dive!! During night dives coconut octopus can be seen creeping about with their shells and bobtail squid quickly scurry under the sand.

COCONUT POINT, APO ISLAND: An often fast paced drift brings divers over the sloping coral reef wall. Giant trevally, humphead parrotfish and marbled groupers are seen off the reef along with schools of banner fish. Turtles cruise effortlessly in the currents and nembrotha nudibranchs can be seen munching on tunicates.

ROCK POINT, APO ISLAND: West Just beyond the chapel opposite the marine park warden’s office, Rock Point offers some of the most stunning hard corals to be found in the region. The steep reef walls support numerous colourful reef species – pyramid butterfly fish and red-toothed trigger fish are here in their hundreds, frogfish, cuttlefish, banded sea snakes and hawksbill turtles are amongst the common sightings.


MONAD SHOAL, MALAPASCUA ISLAND: This is one of the few dive spots in the World where the shy pelagic thresher sharks may be seen on a daily basis. Divers rest at approximately 25m (90ft) on the sandy bottom to watch the sharks approach and be cleaned. Other visitors to the shoal include manta, devil and eagle rays. Diving with Nitrox is recommended to enjoy extended bottom time.

WHITE TIP ALLEY, GATO ISLAND: As the name suggests provides an almost guaranteed sighting of white tip reef sharks that enjoy their rest on the sand tucked under rocks and coral bommies. Other species found here include scorpion fish and seahorses. Pygmy seahorses may also be found too as well as whip coral shrimps which cling to the colourful whip corals adorning the overhangs of the island.

DONA MARILYN, MALAPASCUA WRECKS: Lying on her starboard side at a depth of 32m (110ft) this 100m (300ft) long passenger ferry is now a haven for marble and blue spotted stingrays and home to schools of sweetlips. Covered with corals and the remains of fishing nets she gives an eerie vibe to divers – not least because of the many people who lost their lives during her sinking more than 20 years ago. Guarding the wreckage is a resident giant moray eel and also commonly seen are large scorpion fish, lionfish and cuttlefish. Minimum depth 18m (60ft)

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