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UNMISSABLE REUNION, APRIL 2016 On the trip - Kim & Tony Duncan, Lesley & Wolf Schutte, Caron & Shane Delpeche and myself Only a 4 hour flight from South Africa, Reunion proved to be a smaller version of what I can only imagine a very relaxed French sea-side holiday spot to be. Flying in alongside the island with the most majestical and lush volcano peaks piercing through the cloud cover was a sight that few of us get to enjoy! Reunion, a French island, lies between Madagascar and Mauritius, boasting beautiful sea-side and in-land attractions, both of which offer activities to please almost any type of adventure seeker. There are a number of villages located right around the island with travel times of 5, 10 and at most 15 minutes between each, all of which are easily accessed by a number of bus systems, taxis or vehicle rental options. We stayed in St. Gilles, which it turned out is known as the St. Tropez of Reunion, but less touristic and more quaint were the villages of St Leu, St Pierre and St Rose. Our trip started out with what was primarily a scuba diving holiday, however when the sea conditions weren't playing along, there were more than enough attractions to keep us well occupied. Diving takes place on the west coast, but with some logistical push it is possible to enjoy dive sites in and around the lava flows which run into the ocean from volcanoes such as the La Piton de la Founaise, further south and on the east coast. So packed and ready to go on this very adventure to the southern lava flow site, the conditions had turned and what was going to be a most anticipated dive had to be cancelled. Such is the weather on the south and east coasts of Reunion. But then one ventures onto some other sight-seeing activities - of course one of these being a visit to the the actual lava flow areas, which took place as recent as 7 years ago. Diving on the east coast is pretty with fairly active underwater marine life and a variety of macro creatures. Most diving takes place closer to the shoreline but includes both wreck & reef diving. Water temperature is warm, around 27 degrees (April), however conditions are very unpredictable. But calm waters and good visibility will leave you wanting to maximise your dive time! Moving inland - the sight-seeing opportunities are ample, most of which takes one to the peaks of the Volcanoes of La Pito de la Founaise as well as that of Celois. A winding mountain pass takes one to the high plains and volcano areas with a diversity of landscapes including lush green forests leading up to the Cilaos Volcano or the desolate and arid Plaine des Sables and the Piton de la Fournaise. Massive contrasts between greatness and isolation, its geological and historical richness but also for its access to this authentic way of life, a paradise of the vertiginous waterfalls, with lush vegetation rich in native and endemic plant species, but also a artful and colourful architecture, characteristic of Creole houses of the nineteenth century. En-route includes a lunch stop at a private home to share a friendly lunch traditionally cooked in the wood fire, to discover traditional cultures in vanilla or lentil producers, and also to meet tisaneurs or other local craftsmen. Activities of the Volcanic outcrops and craters include hiking, trail running, mountain biking, kloofing, canyoning, climbing, helicopter rides or just total seclusion in one of a few little guest houses or rustic lodges. Reunion therefore lends itself well to a holiday including a combination of land and sea activities. Accommodation options are varied, hotels being a good option but certainly more expensive than going the self-catering house route. The currency is Euro and the language spoken is French. Definitely worth taking along a phrase-book as very few locals speak English at all, but an incredibly friendly and hospitable island to visit! For travel assistance to Reunion, please contact Lynne on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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