Red Sea, July '08

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About the northern Red Sea liveaboard safari: Flights are via Cairo to Sharm-el-Sheikh, a bustling sea-side tourist destination. A bus ride takes you to the military port where you board the liveaboard. Once aboard and settled the liveaboard sails a way out of the harbour where you have your first check-out dives. Remember these waters are alot denser than ours so don't be surprised if you have to add a good couple of extra weights! Once you get going prepare yourself for loads of good foods and snacks and 6 dive-filled days (normally 3 day dives and a night dive per day). You are going to encounter almost everything you can wish for - varying reef topography, almost anything macro, large schools of fish, all the wrecks you can wish for, deep dives, wall dives, reefs coming right out the water (imagine the clarity at 5 or less meters with bustling reefs). The liveaboard stay is very pleasant with beautiful desert views in the background, turquoise waters, crossings & the most beautiful sunsets! No time for getting board, you're either diving, eating, catching up on a quick snooze and then you start all over again. The last night is spent on the liveaboard although you can leave to visit the local market or enjoy a night out at the all new Sharm open air shopping centre with the most beautiful lights and colours, bars, restaurants, bedouin style hang-outs, shops etc. Absolutely worth the effort! You then have the options of adding a few days at Dahab, which I highly recommend. Nice hotel, on the prominade and set amongst the local market - brilliant entertainment again with shopping, restaurants, bars etc right on the sea-front AND THE MOST AMAZING AMAZING DIVING! From there you have the day available before you fly out from Cairo, so it is worth considering the following day trips as you only fly out at around 00:00 am the following morning: Pyramids & Sphinx, Eqyptian Museum & Military Museum as well as a Nile Cruise dinner. All in all a very entertaining trip! But only if you are on a well operated liveaboard (gastro gastro gastro if not), and don't eat anything from anywhere other than the liveaboard, decent restaurants or the hotels that you are staying at. Bookings through Dive Locker

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