Training Terms & Conditions

* Except where otherwise specified, course prices include the following:
   * specified number of theory sessions
   * specified number of pool sessions
   * PADI crew packs & training materials
   * Student certification
   * Airfills
   * Use of Dive Lockers equipment for purposes of training and qualifying dives only (wetsuits depend on whether we have
      your size or not!)

* Training schedules as follows:
   * Open Water theory starts on a Friday evening @ 18:00, Saturday & Sunday starting @ 07:30 with pool sessions on Saturday
      and Sunday afternoons.
   * Advanced theory (overview) takes place on the Tuesday night @ 18:00 prior to the weekend that you go away.
   * We request that you collect your training materials at least one week prior to the start of the course thereby ensuring that
      you have prepared for the theory by the time the course starts as well as arranging for a medical certificate should you
      answer yes to any medical questions on the student record file.

* Qualifying weekends are additional to the course price and can take place either locally (Miracle Waters & Bass Lake) or at the
   coast. Please refer to our travel & training schedule for information on dates, destinations, prices and what’s included.  It is
   often a good idea to do the first 2 open water qualifying dives locally just to get comfortable underwater and then complete the
    rest of these on a coastal weekend, should you plan to visit the coast.  

* Should you be participating in a course with the Dive Locker then the hard gear (BCD, regulator and cylinder) is included for
   training and qualifying dives. Should you require gear for a scheduled Dive Locker trip as a casual diver,  then a set price will be

* Please note for casual diving, a refundable deposit of R500 is required in the form of a signed cheque or manual credit card
   payment, copy of ID and contact details (telephone and physical address). The gear however remains the responsibility of the
   person renting it from the moment it leaves the store until it is returned. Please always insist that gear is checked before
   removing it from the store. Please also ensure that you bring back the gear, which you originally took from the store.

* Course dates on the 2011 training programme are subject to change based on the availability and requirements of the
   participating students.

* Full payment is required prior to the start of the course and also to secure the booking for a particular date.

* Combo prices are to be paid once-off and in full prior to the start of the first course.  Should you need to cancel the 2nd course
   and you require a refund then the non-discounted course price will apply to the course already completed.  

* Hard & soft gear are made available to the student for use during training & qualifying dives only. However, the use of our
   wetsuits are dependent on availability of size, and the student may therefore be required to purchase or make their own
   arrangements for a suit should Dive Locker not have the appropriate size available.  

* While the student is using the gear and while the gear is in possession of the student, the gear is totally the responsibility of
   the student until returned to Dive Locker.  Any equipment broken or lost will be expected to be replaced at cost to Dive Locker.  

* Should a course not be completed through the actions of the student, no refund or part thereof will be made to that student. 
   The onus rests with the student to complete the course as per the agreed schedule, if not the student will be liable for
   additional costs incurred by Dive Locker and its appointed instructors to complete the course.  If the student can fall in with
   another group on a date then no additional charges will be incurred by the student.

* The student will be required to comply 100% with all PADI requirements, instructor satisfaction, financial obligations and return
   of all Dive Locker gear in order for appointed Dive Locker instructors to process certification.  

* Components that still need to be completed will be held in credit until such time that the student can complete them with a
   maximum validity of 6 months.  

* Dive Locker and its appointed instructors do not accept responsibility for loss or injury to any person participating in Dive Locker
   presented courses and training or related activities.  The student will be required to sign off the PADI student file for indemnities,
   satisfactory dive practices and medical requirements prior to the start of the course.   

* Participants accepts Dive Locker / PADI Safe Practice Diving Standards and indemnifies Dive Locker against loss and injury and
   any other related incidents / injuries or accidents while on course with Dive Locker appointed instructors.  

* All students will be required to undergo a standard medical examination prior to the start of the course so as to avoid any
   potential problems that may occur due to unforeseen or unknown medical or physiological conditions. 

* Dive Locker does not accpet credit card or cheque payments.