Travel Terms & Conditions

* Accommodation rates are seasonal (low, high & peak) and will be charged accordingly
* Quoted rates and prices are subject to change without prior notice due to fluctuations in exchange rates, unforeseen changes in
   accommodation and operators, flight rates and related services
* Please note that payment of the required deposit amount means that you have read and accepted the travel & booking terms &
   conditions contained hereon-in.
* A 50% non-refundable deposit payment is due within 72 hours of making a booking in order to secure a reservation.  The
   balance is payable 30 days (local bookings) & 90 days (foreign bookings) prior to the date of travel as per the respective
   operators / establishement requirements.  If flight bookings are included in the reservation then 100% of the flight amount and
   50% of the land arrangements are payable in order to secure.  Cancellation of flights are subject to the terms and conditions
   of the respective service providers
* Cancellations within 30 days or less (local) and 90 days or less (foreign) of the starting date of the booking will result in
   forfeiture of the entire invoice amount.  PLEASE NOTE however that terms & conditions vary between all respective service
   providers whom Dive Locker deals with as an intermediary, therefore these respective terms, conditions and cancellation
   policies need to be adhered to
* Dive Locker will endeavour to fill the space with alternate bookings in order to secure part or all of the monies paid, but there
   is no guarantee that this will always be possible
* Dive Locker is not responsible for refunds as monies are paid over to the actual accommodation establishments and their
   respective cancellation policies are applicable
* Where rates are charged per unit per night - the full rate remains applicable irrespective of the number of people that have
   booked (adhering of course to minimum and maximum numbers as per the requirements of the respective accommodation
* Where accommodation rates are charged per person, rates will be specified as per person sharing or per single person which
   then may incur a single supplement
* It is highly recommended (especially for foreign travel) that timeous travel insurance is secured in order to cover any expense
   incurred due to cancellation by the client or service providers or any other unforeseen activities that may affect your travel
   arrangements.  Travel Insurance is not included and quoted package prices.
* For visa applications it is often required that proof of Travel Insurance be produced.
* Dive and Medical Insurance is also highly recommended and this is not part of quoted packaged prices.
* All rates & pricing are subject to variances in exchange rates.  All quoted prices are based on an exchange rate applicable when
   a package was compiled.  Final rates and pricing are however based on the exchange rates on the day that final payment is to
   take place
* Dive Locker and any of its appointed representatives shall not accept responsibility for services not met by operators or service
   providers, loss or injury to clients.  Clients will be expected to sign a travel terms and conditions as well as indemnity forms upon
   securing the booking for both Dive Locker and its elected tour operators / service providers and accommodation establishments
   in this regard
* Most scheduled weekend packages include 3 nights accommodation, a maximum of 4 dives and where indicated, breakfast &
* A minimum of 8 paying clients are required in order for the trip to be a Dive Locker led group trip
* Prices are quoted as per person sharing and a single supplement may be charged at the discretion of the accommodation
* Deposit payments are required in order to secure the booking and these are non-refundable if trip is cancelled by client
* If cancelled by Dive Locker then deposits will be held in credit toward a different trip or the booking may continue but will be
   considered an individual booking
* Payments via EFT or cash deposit only (bank fees for cash deposits will be charged back to the client).  Where credit card
   payments are
   possible a transaction fee of between 3 & 5% of total invoice value will be charged depending on which operator is being used
* All bank charges and fees are payable by the client
* Dives not completed will be credited to the client (not refunded) for the following reasons only:
   - the resort / operator cancels the dive
   - the diver is too ill to dive and the operators are notified at least two hours prior to the dive taking place
* Dive credits are valid only for the operator that originally issued the credits and are valid for a maximum of 6 months
* Should Dive Locker be able to sell these credits on behalf of the credit holder then Dive Locker will refund the holder according
   to the original price paid for the dives
* Expenses not included, unless otherwise indicated
   - travel expenses
   - catering, beverages
   - border, park & entry fees
   - gear rental (& gear rental insurance, which is the repsonsibility of the person renting the gear)
   - maritime tax
   - surcharges to distant reefs
   - diver permits (required for diving within South African Marine Protected Areas)
   - travel insurance
   - border transfers
   - night dives and required accessories
   - third party insurance for vehicles crossing borders
* Terms, conditions and cancellation policies are subject to change as per changes initiated by the respective service providers
   with whom Dive Locker acts as an intermediary

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